Job search made simple: Five tips

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Job search made simple: Five tips

Job search made simple - Five tips

There’s no denying that job search is a tedious process and time consuming too – it takes over six weeks for an average job opening to be filled. High level jobs can take upwards of 76 days. For anyone who’s doing a full-time job already and looking for another one simultaneously, the lengthy process can get really taxing. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be all that bad – smart tips and tricks can help you ace the job search process and land your dream job like a pro.

Here are five proven job search tips to accelerate and fine tune the process:

#1 Improve your resume: It may seem like a boring old document but never make the mistake of underestimating your resume. Make sure your resume is no more than one page, its format and style matches the latest industry standards, and that your key accomplishments stand out – recruiters spend no more than six seconds on a resume. Not quite sure how to squeeze all your work experience, qualifications, and achievements in a compelling manner? Outsource resume writing to specialized virtual assistants – they not only have content expertise but also cross-industry knowledge of what works where. You can also leverage VAs to craft professional cover letters, sort job applications that deserve your attention, and create compelling profiles for you on various online job sites.

#2 Network and reconnect with references: 85% of all jobs are filled via networking and that holds even for active candidates. For those who are less active (casually looking for a new job), networking trumps applying directly for a job by a factor of 3:1. Unsurprisingly, when it comes to true passive candidates, the ratio of networking to applying is a whopping 7:1. Build relationships, catch up with old contacts, connect on professional networks, and make sure to apprise people of your availability for a new job.

#3 Embellish your profile with the right keywords: Recruiters today use Artificial Intelligence based Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to sort through thousands of applications. These algorithms rate resumes based on the quality and number of keywords, besides other factors and the fact is 50% of applications get rejected by ATS for not matching up with the job description. Therefore, it’s important that you do a thorough keyword search to identify top-ranking keywords for your industry and use them to describe your professional expertise. Not sure how to search top-ranking keywords? Here again your virtual assistant can be of significant help.

#4 Build an attractive social media profile: Social recruiting has arrived in a big way – 73% of companies today use social media platforms to successfully recruit candidates and rate candidates sourced from social media as ‘high quality’. Social media adds another layer of insight for recruiters trying to assess candidates’ job-fit by tracking candidates’ preferences, what they care about, work life philosophy, etc.

#5 Read to get up to speed: Read books and articles based on your profession, also on leadership, professional advice, how to make an impression. Participate in online forums that discuss real world experiences and aspects related to job search. It might seem not so interesting at first but gradually you’ll realize that insights gathered through these readings/discussions can come in incredibly helpful in answering difficult interview questions.

So what is your job search strategy to land that dream role in 2018?    

Did you know that you can outsource your job search to Habiliss? From professional resume writing to managing your profile on major job search platforms online and applying to relevant positions – we are here to support you! Ping us on live chat to know more.   

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  • Monica Takayama

    Wow that’s a brilliant article !! Having a good resume and networking with more people will surely land you into a good job. Thank you, must try tips 🙂

  • Fianna Joseph

    Yeah I agree job search is one of the difficult process and we must have patience to do it but the fact is we don’t have time to do it since we are always busy, These 5 tips will surely help us in tuning the process
    of job search.

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