Kill these 5 Self-destructive Habits to Kiss Success

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Kill these 5 Self-destructive Habits to Kiss Success

Kill these 5 Self-destructive Habits to Kiss Success

We’ve spoken before how resolutions often end up in failure – the success rate in terms of people who manage to keep theirs is a dismal 8%. Now, let’s flip the approach backward to see how you can kill negativity or bad habits instead – before you focus on adding a new good habit, diet regime, workout routine or productivity hack.

If you often catch yourself dreaming of becoming ‘the person you could have become’ or achieving ‘the kind of success you could have attained’, it’s time to change your lifestyle. Start by killing these 5 self-destructive habits that pull you down and keep you from achieving your 100% potential:

#1 Trade your unhealthy lifestyle for a happier, calmer, and sustainable existence

Everything begins with a healthy mind and body – be it personal or professional success. No, we don’t mean you become a nun and shun worldly pleasures – just focus on two things and you are sorted – a healthy diet (no fad diets and yes, it’s okay if you can’t resist late-night cravings and have cheat days – the idea is to eat healthy most times) and physical activity (any type, anytime, anywhere – if you are a beginner to fitness, don’t wait for perfect conditions – just start)

#2 Stop multitasking – delegate instead

Did you know that only 2% of people in this world can successfully multi-task? The rest are simply adding to their stress, killing personal and professional productivity in the bargain. Stop this habit right in its tracks – get out of the mind-set that only you can do all that you have on your to-do list and start by delegating unavoidable but time-sucking tasks such as email and document management, online research, bookkeeping, administrative work, etc. to a virtual assistant. Not before long, you will thank yourself for taking this decision.

#3 Kill your habit of over committing – start saying NO instead

If you say ‘yes’ to all the work that comes your way, you are certain to be wasting time doing the wrong or unnecessary things, that don’t support your goals in the scheme to long-term success. Instead, embrace NO – use it and use it often – to shirk that unnecessary load, that meeting where your presence or absence won’t add or take away anything, that event you don’t wish to attend, etc.

#4 Rest your excuses forever – own your actions and mistakes instead

More than the cards life deals you, what matters is your attitude towards playing the game. Treat life as a game of cards and irrespective of your starting point, advantages, and disadvantages, play your best hand. Most importantly, know that only you can own your life and what you make of it.

#5 Know when to give up control and detach from people and situations

“Some things are up to us, and some things are not up to us.” said Epictetus, Stoic philosopher. Give your best shot to crack that deal, make that interview, and get selected for the rewards life has to offer, but when you fail, learn not to wallow too much in self-pity. Focus on the big picture instead.

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