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Learn to say ‘NO’ – Guilt-free way


Learning to say no can be a great and tiring task for many. When we say no to someone, one part of us ends up feeling guilty. Firstly, we saw the tips and tricks and steps to achieve work-life balance with a no, and how to say no professionally as well as the right way. Today, we will see the ways you can say no without feeling guilty:

  1. Acknowledge: Understand the fact that you cannot do everything. When you say a hasty yes, it leaves you in quite a soup. That is why before saying yes, think. Once you have declined an offer, tell to yourself that you cannot say yes to everyone in your life, so once a while a no is perfectly fine.
  2. You are not selfish: This is an important point when it comes to saying no and feeling guilty. When we turn down a request from someone, we feel selfish and guilty. Think of the times when you have said yes to people. So, understand that you are not selfish.
  3. You cannot please everyone: Many of us would not turn down a request only for one factor that the other person must not feel bad. It is humanely impossible to please each and every one of the person who is asking for your help. When you say yes for everything worrying about this factor, you are allowing people to take advantage of you.
  4. Worry: If you are worried about the other person or the requestor about not talking to you, it instantly makes you tell a yes. You feel that the other person will think that you do not care for them. If you are afraid to say to a person, then you are in a relationship that is problematic.
  5. Understand why people use you: People often manipulate to get a yes from someone. If the person is trying to get you to say yes through bullying, whining, making you feel guiltier or by flattery, be aware. If your requestor fits into any of these, then you need not feel guilty.

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