Learn to say ‘NO’ – Professionally

//Learn to say ‘NO’ – Professionally

Learn to say ‘NO’ – Professionally

Saying no in your career can sometimes lead up to breaking your career. But, if you can say no without hurting your career, it’s amazing right? We saw a concise on the tips and tricks of saying no as well as the work-life balance you can achieve by saying no. Today, we will check out how professionally you can tell no.

Response time: Whenever a new request comes, make sure that you are in the best state to respond to it. When you tend to respond rudely or negatively immediately, problem arises. This happens when you are tired or stressed out or concentrating on some other chore. Gently talk to the person who requested for the job and deny it with politeness.

Think about the request before denying it: Keep a priority check-list and see if you will be able to spend more time on the new request. If it is not necessary, then simply deny the project politely.

Balance: When you get another project and have handfuls already, accept it and try to meet all the obligations. Accept it only if it is highly important. When you accept a new project, confirm its deadline, so that you will know precisely as to how long you have to complete the existing ones.

Make sure that your reasoning is plausible: If you are not in a position to accept a new request, tell your reasoning properly. Do not give a vague reason that would end your relationship with the other person.

Some phrases you can use to sound polite:

“I am already working on two projects, how would you like me to prioritize this one?”

“When is the exact deadline for this?”

“Can I check my calendar and get back to you?”

“I am quite booked until Thursday; can you drop me a reminder about this on Friday?”

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