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Learn to say ‘NO’ – The right way


It is never easy to say a NO. It is one of the most difficult thing, as everyone feels the guilt of hurting the other person. We gradually went through the tips and tricks of saying no, attaining work-life balance by saying no, and how to professionally decline stuff. Today, we will check out the right way to say no:

  • Little empathy: Being a little bit empathetic can go a long way. Say sorry, it shows you as courteous, even if you might not mean it sometimes.
  • Don’t react immediately: Most of the time, people tend to make a mistake of immediately reacting to things. This makes the situation even worse. When you are asked to do something that is not a part of your job, don’t deny it on the face of the person. Tell them that you need time to assess the pros and cons of the job. See how the job is going to affect your schedule and take a call accordingly.
  • Consider creative solutions: The best way to answer the requests that you would like to fulfill, but cannot as it will crimp your schedule, is to give a partial yes or any other creative solution. For example, if you cannot do it, you may think of someone who can do the chore and refer to the requestor. This way you can say a no in a very polite and helpful way.
  • Never over-explain: Long explanations or apologies way too much than required will cause the requestor to push you harder, and you would be questioning your own decision. Never complicate the situation. Say no with a brief explanation or a creative solution.

Resist saying a hasty yes to someone. A polite no would have a warm welcome than losing your reputation over a hasty yes. In the upcoming blog, we will see as to how one can say no without feeling guilty for doing so.

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