Learn to say ‘NO’ – Tips and Tricks

//Learn to say ‘NO’ – Tips and Tricks

Learn to say ‘NO’ – Tips and Tricks

Nobody will want to leave someone in a lurch. This is one of the many reasons why we struggle to say ‘No’ when someone comes to us with a request. Here are some tips and tricks that would help you to say no in the most polite manner possible:

  • Say No without actually saying ‘NO’: Feeling confused? This is one of the most tactful tips to follow when saying no. When you need to say no to someone, you automatically develop a course of guilt within yourself. You cannot be rude on their face and say that you do not have time for that. Use a softer approach for the same. For instance, you can just tell them, ‘I can help you out certainly, but there are two deadlines coming up next week, which would need my focus.’ This is the most polite way to say no.
  • Communicate clearly: If you are not going to do the job, never even hint of taking it up. IF you cannot take up the job due to personal reasons, or simply because you are tied up with other works, it is important that you clearly communicate. This would help you to easily say no.
  • Alternative suggestion: the best and the easiest way to tackle unreasonable job request is to come up with a solution that would meet anybody’s requirement. For instance, if the work is getting through the weekend, then explain if you have any plans. If you are given a job that you do not like, then you can politely suggest that somebody else can take up the job.
  • Response must be framed thoughtfully: Tone makes up 60% of what you talk. When you voice your hesitations, remember not to let your emotions rule over. Take a minute, compose yourself and then speak. When you do not formulate an appropriate response, it will lead to unnecessary complications that project you as being rude.

In the upcoming blog post, let us discuss on the steps to achieve work-life balance through saying no.

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