Management of Time – Time management tips that work

//Management of Time – Time management tips that work

Management of Time – Time management tips that work


The bad news is that time flies, but the good news is that you are the pilot! This quote fits perfectly for what we are going to concisely talk about today – Time management. Managing time is a gifted element, some people possess it, some people acquire it, and some people develop it. But, nothing is like you cannot tame it. Let us see some of the time management tips that actually work:

  1. Multitasking – A strict NO- Multitasking might have been portrayed as being beneficial, but, the fact is that, it is not in certain cases. When beginning a task, concentrate only on that task. After a few minutes, you tend to get completely engrossed in the task, and you will finish it faster than actually you could have with interruptions.
  2. Keep a notebook – A notebook might be an old-fashioned thing, but having a notebook might help you jot the ideas that pop suddenly. If you do not want a notebook, make use of your mobile applications. If you are working in a creative field, then getting new ideas might be a crunch. In those cases, keeping a notebook or any other device actually helps. So when you actually get an idea, there is no need to store it in the sub conscious mind. You can jot it down on the book.
  3. Keep a short to-do and long to-do list – the short to-do list must consist of maximum 5 or 6 tasks, which are routine and mandatory which you do every day. A long to-do list means to put your projects and tasks together. Keeping this and striking off as and when necessary, it would save on a lot of time.
  4. Start your major work first – After finishing your to-do list, if you see a big task on the to-do list, then finish that off first. Not only it gives work to the brain but also helps in stimulating the thinking cells and improvises productivity.

In the upcoming blog post, we will check out on how to prioritize daily tasks to manage time.

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