Being Mobile-Compatible is Outdated. Get Mobile-Optimized to Win the Search Battle.

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Being Mobile-Compatible is Outdated. Get Mobile-Optimized to Win the Search Battle.


Mobile search has surpassed that on desktop and been a hot topic in the SEO domain for quite some time now – according to recent reports, mobile commerce is growing 300 times faster than eCommerce. There is no doubt that mobile is the future and having a mobile-first strategy is the only winning card that businesses need to play. While most sites nowadays are compatible with mobile devices, the differentiating factor here is – how you optimize your search result strategies for mobile to upend the rapid rise in paid search and keep organic mobile search traffic coming to your site.

Here are six tips you can use to do mobile SEO the right way.

#1 Core ranking still matters the most: Be it traditional or mobile SEO, core ranking – the one that focuses on relevance, usefulness, and authority is what you should bother most about. Get your site indexed, take steps to increase page load speed as mobile searchers are known to have little patience, fix mobile-friendly errors, and do pretty much everything else you would to get ranking on desktop.

#2 Responsive design: A winning mobile strategy depends on how you deliver content and responsive website design is one area that is constantly evolving.  Mobile sites that streamline navigation, use vertical menus, and make it easier for visitors to find the most popular/important pages are the ones that see increased traffic. A mere scaled-down version of your desktop site isn’t the way to mobile users’ hearts. Think a fully developed mobile version optimized for mobile search, preferably on a sub-domain such as

#3 Think social to woo mobile users: Content created especially for mobile should be similar to what you create for social media. That’s because mobile users are typically always connected to their social media accounts through social apps. Therefore it’s important that your mobile content be crisp, engaging and share-worthy – don’t forget to embed social sharing widgets on your mobile site/app. Studies show that 85% of mobile users across the globe use their mobile for entertainment, therefore creating content that’s engaging and amusing is sure to get you noticed.

#4 The Click-to-Call is extremely important:  When a visitor comes to your mobile site, he/she is in a hurry and if you don’t display your contact details upfront, you are likely to lose a promising prospect. To be mobile-friendly, ensure you have your number with a prominent click-to-call button on every single page of your mobile site/app.

#5 Think local: With the coming in of Google Places, location is extremely important to optimizing your site/app for maximum mobile search visibility. Use local on-site SEO techniques, register your business on Google Places, yellow pages, and other local directories, and make sure that your business gets enough reviews. Network with other local businesses on social media to generate cross-selling opportunities. Doing local SEO will ensure the NAP – name, address, and phone number of your business shows up in results when people enter a search near you.

#6 Mobile analytics and testing: Google analytics gives you the option to track mobile statistics separately – use these to see how your audience interact differently on the mobile site in comparison to the desktop version, what content do they prefer to consume on mobile, which device they use, how likely they are to make a purchase on mobile, etc. Depending on what you want to measure, create goals in your analytics dashboard and leverage the real time insights to optimize your mobile ad spend and other business decisions.

The shift towards mobile will continue to dominate as smartphone penetration reaches deeper globally. Brands are increasingly recognizing the importance of being on mobile and the advertising spend on the channel is expected to touch USD 100 billion by the end of 2016 itself.

With Habiliss Virtual Assistants’ mobile SEO experts you can be sure of getting your mobile strategy right to successfully navigate the rapidly changing search landscape. Contact us to know more…..

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