Playing Catch-Up with an Overflowing To-Do List? Try these 10 Surprising Productivity Hacks

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Playing Catch-Up with an Overflowing To-Do List? Try these 10 Surprising Productivity Hacks

Playing Catch-Up with an Overflowing To-Do List? Try these 10 Surprising Productivity Hacks

A mile long list of things to do. A snail’s pace of progress. Mounting frustration with every passing hour. Sounds familiar? We know how difficult it is to maintain productive momentum when you seem to be losing focus entirely. Hopefully these 10 clever productivity hacks will get you right back on track!

#1 Get some flower power: Treat your eyes to bright yet soothing colours the first thing when you wake up. It lifts your energies, refreshes your mood, and sets you up for a super productive day.

#2 Making an ‘Anti To-Do List’ could be the your best bet: Every time you accomplish a goal or do something productive, jot it down in your anti to-do list. How does that help? This list will help you visualize your progress, keep up your motivation, and reveals interesting facts about your work patterns – how you actually spend time, what gets you most stressed, are there tasks that did not actually require you to do it or better delegated to an expert, etc.

#3 Laugh your way to the top of your career: Tasteful humour is one of the biggest productivity boosting factors ever – it fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration; all critical imperatives to success in modern workplaces.

#4 De-clutter your inbox with this 2-second trick: Achieve a ‘zero inbox’ state faster than ever by going through your emails like a game, repeating the word ‘next’ each time you reach a new one. Or simply delegate email management to a virtual personal assistant who can take care it for you.

#5 Using up to 4 social media networks at work could actually boost productivity: Social media is no productivity killer, rather it is quite the opposite. Recent surveys suggest that employees who are clued in to social networks are more tech-savvy, super productive, and tend to stay longer in their jobs.

#6 Cuddle your cat: Workspaces are becoming increasingly pet-friendly and not without reason. Studies have proved that playing with and cuddling your furry friends can help alleviate physical and mental stress and give your mind a much needed break. Looking at pictures and videos of cute baby animals has also been found to increase concentration.

#7 Follow the 2-minute rule: As a thumb rule, if any task on your plate is likely to take less than 2 minutes, do it now! Get done with those quick phone calls, reminders, one line email responses, confirming appointments, etc. and make way for the actual tasks.

#8 Stick to one color of work ties, shoes, or socks: There’s a reason why you always see the likes of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg wearing the same kind of outfits. Because cutting out the choices and sticking to the same colour/pattern of essential items is a significant time saver.

#9 Got a work playlist? Listening to music makes you happy, improves your focus, and helps you get work done quicker and with more creativity.

#10 Divide your day into project periods: Designate a time for each of your regular tasks like checking email, working on the launch strategy for your next project, making presentations, and even checking social media accounts. This will help you increase productivity, creativity, and will channel your energies in the right direction.

While some of the above hacks may sound weird to you, every one of these is backed by science. Got no time to try these tricks? Delegate some of your non-core tasks to a virtual assistant to de-clutter your life and make time for the work that really matters.

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