Prioritization – Backlog Prioritization techniques

//Prioritization – Backlog Prioritization techniques

Prioritization – Backlog Prioritization techniques

Life needs motivation, and motivation comes from prioritization. Making things first according to importance is a great talent. While our blog yesterday dealt with the topic, how to prioritize when everything is a priority, today, we will see on the backlog prioritization techniques.

All of us wish to have completed the work by the day’s end and relax for the evening. Sometimes, due to some reasons or sheer laziness as well, we tend to put off the work for the next day. If there is some chore the next day more important than this, then it becomes even more difficult. The procrastinated work is forever kept in the backlog. So how to bring these backlog to the front and complete them? Here are a few tips:

  • Never be lazy: This is a key point when it comes to finishing work as soon as possible. Laziness is an easy attribute and comes to us at once. But to get rid of the same is really not an easy job. So, when you know laziness is setting in, knock him off the very second. Eat healthy and sleep sound for mind to be fresh and not lazy.
  • Analyze the to-do list: Once the list of things to be done for the day is jotted down, see which would be more important to complete, and which can be put off for a few more hours. If you feel a lot of backlog in your work, do not worry, you can even hire a virtual assistant for yourself!
  • Never be over-optimistic: While positivity does have a good influence on the output of the job, do not over board on optimism. This leads to over-confidence which might make you collapse on the entire job itself.
  • Multitasking needs to be off shore: Yes, it might be great to complete on a lot of jobs at once. But, this way you might be losing out on quality. Make sure that your multitasking skills can be set off a while, and complete the chores based on their importance.

In the upcoming blog, we will jot a few prioritization techniques that save time and energy.

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