Prioritization –Doing the right things in the correct order

//Prioritization –Doing the right things in the correct order

Prioritization –Doing the right things in the correct order


Prioritization is nothing but getting the important things completed before the not-so important tasks. The last four days, we went through a journey of prioritization topics. We glanced on how to prioritize when everything is a priority, backlog prioritization techniques, prioritizing tips to save time and energy and tips to achieve life-balance. Today, we will deal with how to do the right things in correct order:

  1. Ask yourself: you are the best person when it comes to noting the tasks that needs to be done. After jotting a to-do list, make sure that you analyze the most important and the least important ones. Take responsibility and shed off few tasks that might utterly not need your assistance or attention.
  2. Figure out a method: Make sure that you draw out a method that helps you the best in terms of prioritizing. Every one’s chores are different, so one plan might not work for another one.
  3. Opt for other options: If you are stuck up in a work, consider the option of delegating the existing chores to somebody else. For instance, in case you have a lot of work piled up, you can even consider having a virtual assistant to get chores done! Virtual assistants can take off the burden from your shoulder.

Prioritizing is an important aspect and having stuck to it makes sure that you can achieve productivity. Follow these few tips to finish the right things in the correct order!

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