Prioritization – Techniques that save time and energy

//Prioritization – Techniques that save time and energy

Prioritization – Techniques that save time and energy

Prioritization is a skill. It is an ability to analyze the important tasks and filter them from lower value activities. It allows you to give the former tasks a lot of attention, energy and time. While our previous blogs dealt on how to prioritize when everything is a priority and backlog prioritization techniques, today we will see the prioritizing tips that help save time and energy:

Leverage your working skills: The  better the plan you have, it is easier to get over procrastination and start working towards the goal.  Some people see planning as a waste of time, but actually, every minute that you spend planning saves about fifteen minutes in execution. So, use about 10 to 15 minutes’ prior execution for planning. This helps in saving time as well as energy.

Time-management tools: the more time you would take to do a to-do list, the more efficient you will be. Prioritizing tasks can be easy once you judge the importance of the chore. There is lots of time management analysis online that would help you manage time better with prioritization.

Create lot of lists: Make a master list, monthly, weekly and daily lists. This would help you prioritize things and complete it accordingly.

Sequence your tasks: When you have completed the to-do list, do not half-complete any task. When you take up a chore, you need to complete it fully and then move on to the next. This would help you focus correctly and be more creative.

In the upcoming blog, we will discuss in-depth about how one can achieve life-balance at ease through proper prioritization.

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