Procrastination – Instigation – Step IV

//Procrastination – Instigation – Step IV

Procrastination – Instigation – Step IV

Procrastination is the devil in time management, and we saw steps to avoid the same. First step was planning; the next was preparation which was followed by compartmentalization. Today, we will see about instigation, the next step in warding off procrastination.

Another issue that provides food to procrastination is the confusion that arises when you have to decide what to address first. If you’ve followed our previous steps, you wouldn’t feel much uncertainty towards knowing what to approach first in your list of tasks. But if you still feel it; given below is a list of parameters you could ponder with relation to your task and decide.

Most people advise you to pick the task that makes you feel the most anxious or less informed. This can sometimes be counter-productive as the energy you might have wished to spend on the tasks that fall under your expertise might already be consumed.

Interest/Inspiration is at its highest ever point when it first reveals itself to you.

Utilizing this moment to play to your strengths is smart and effective. So, first, always pick the task that is most friendly to you. Then, once you’ve gained a sense of accomplishment through work-completion; utilize that sense of accomplishment as inspiration and begin addressing the tasks that are more difficult (preparation will be important here as well). The standards you’ve set for your tasks that fell into your “rich-area” will begin to flow-over the tasks that you initially procrastinated over. This will help you infinitely in the long-run.

Instigation relative to creation can never be structuralized, or, in other words, it is impossible to truly know when and where an inspiring idea might strike you. But what is possible is creating the right environment and saturations that could lead to inspiration.

Structuralizing the process that comes after you decide what you wish to address first is called mapping. Make certain to have one before you begin your journey. In the upcoming blog, we will check out on how reward based motivation wards off procrastination.

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