Procrastination – Step 2 – Preparation

//Procrastination – Step 2 – Preparation

Procrastination – Step 2 – Preparation


Putting off your work, or delaying it by some means is what procrastination is all about. We saw as to how procrastination is the devil in time management in our previous post. Today, we will learn how to prepare ourselves against procrastination.

Procrastination feeds through multiple means. Identifying and addressing each of them one by one is an impossible and frankly time-consuming process. A better way is to address all of them through a single medium, preparation.

Erasing all anxiety or doubt based impulses towards an issue strategically is what one could call apt preparation. This is a structured way of identifying the weaknesses in your arsenal and strengthening them for the long-run.

Most people hesitate either because of lack of knowledge or because of a lack of know-how on approaching a particular issue. Overcoming this is a systematic process. You begin by identifying the variables (areas of knowledge) you are weak at and learn to strengthen them in order to perform your tasks better.

For e.g. to make a good business presentation through slideshows, you need to be versatile on PowerPoint. So begin by brushing your skills on it. This reduces the learning you will need to do whilst working on a project, therefore increases your speed of productivity and also helps you a lot while actually making the presentation.

Other than this, try obtaining all the materials; be it research or stationery; necessary for preparation at your disposal before you begin. This is essential for efficiency.

If you’ve done all this and also what we’d spoken about on our first step you are almost ready to begin your procrastinative tasks. In the upcoming blog, we will discuss on compartmentalization of work.

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