Procrastination – Step 3 – Compartmentalization

//Procrastination – Step 3 – Compartmentalization

Procrastination – Step 3 – Compartmentalization

Procrastination being the cynosure, we spoke about how it is a devil in time management. We began with few steps to avoid procrastination, of which first was planning and next was preparation.

Now comes compartmentalization. This particular step is not necessary for small tasks that may cause procrastination but are not considerably time-consuming or taxing.

But otherwise, compartmentalization is extremely valuable in keeping your standards of quality within your working memory and therefore in-check.

If it is plausible, surgically split the tasks into smaller compartments and work on them one after another. Paying attention to detail is a knack for quality. This process allows you to fulfill it systematically. Procrastination is simply an attribute formed because of the lack of a guide-map. If you don’t have one, compartmentalize and create one for yourself.

In psychology, compartmentalization is considered as an unconscious psychological defense mechanism used to avoid cognitive dissonance, or mental discomfort and anxiety caused to a person who has conflicting values, cognition, emotions or beliefs.

Making a conscious effort towards compartmentalization is useful in avoiding cognitive dissonance before it gets instigated. A precautionary measure if you will. In the upcoming blog, we would focus on the next step, that is instigation.

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