Procrastination – Step 5 – Reward based motivation

//Procrastination – Step 5 – Reward based motivation

Procrastination – Step 5 – Reward based motivation

Procrastination Reward based motivation

It is easier to procrastinate rather than finishing the work. This is one of the main reasons as to why procrastination is seen as a devil in time management. We saw steps like planning, preparation, compartmentalization and instigation to ward off procrastination. Today, we will move on to how reward based motivation helps in putting off procrastination.

Most of us feel the need to be rewarded after completing tasks. The sense of accomplishment is often not enough to feed our motivations. In these cases, allow yourself small or massive treats (with relative measure to the size of the task) once you’ve completed your task. This is also a satisfying way to fish through your “to-buy” list (the list that never ends).

For small tasks, most people go for edible rewards, most commonly chocolates or candy. When rewarding yourself with food, keep one eye on your health and avoid using task-completion as an excuse to finish an entire 50-capacity bag of snickers. What we’re trying to say is; make sure you do not topple the balanced ratio between tasks and the relative rewards you decide for it. This can tamper the sense of accomplishment.

Like all practises, repeating these steps the initial few times might seem adventures yet effort consuming; but after the first few times, you will begin to implement these measures and steps without any conscious effort.

Happy Tasking!

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