In life, procrastination is the evil that leads to repeated failures. What’s worse is that most of these endeavours become deliver judgment before they’ve ever been instigated. Procrastination has the ability to hide its true identity while it forces your brain to come up with excuses for “not being able” or simply “not willing” to do a task. One of its greatest defences is through your ego. The moment your ego takes its side, you’re going to have to reconsider your entire train of thought that lead to it.

The key to any objective driven task is guidance; or a road map, if you will. Getting your directions in order before you begin the journey is an extremely benefitting prerogative. Make a consolidated list of tasks have brought out the procrastinator in you and group them together in a “must-do” list. Make a legend for the list based on urgency and importance. While you list them, think of the potentially positive consequences that would arise once they are completed. Once your done with that, try to individually figure out what are the steps involved in accomplishing those tasks that force you to procrastinate. This helps individual identify weaknesses in your quantum of knowledge.

Once you’ve finished this, you will begin to understand why each of them act as agents of procrastination specifically to you. If this is true, your first step towards eradicating procrastination is completed. Only four more to go! So don’t procrastinate. Skim through them this week.

In the following days, you will get potential solutions which will allow you to burn this failure-centric attitude; if you feel you own it. First comes planning!

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