Prominent personalities – Bob Doyle

//Prominent personalities – Bob Doyle

Prominent personalities – Bob Doyle


We are jotting down a series on motivational speakers who inspired most professionals and common people. After Tony Robbins, today, we will catch an insight on the life of Bob Doyle. The CEO of Boundless Living, Inc., Bob Doyle is a motivational speaker who loves to change lives of people. He has also authored the book, “Follow Your Passion – Find Your Power,” which was one of the best sellers. By making use of the principles of the Law of Attraction, Bob has been teaching the principles of Living Life by Design. The Law of Attraction simply means that whatever be the positive of negative event that happens with you is attracted by you.

Wealth Beyond Reason, a program by Bob has been recognized for over a long time now, as the most complete and useful method of Law of Attraction. Bob was also one of the featured expert teachers in the film and book “The Secret.” Bob loves to reconnect people to what their passion and purpose is. He supports them to create a vision that inspires them to realize the life of true joy.

Alongside, Bob is also a broadcaster, music composer, photographer and author. He encourages people to explore their passions through the Law of Attraction. Bob to his credits have transformed many people’s lives and paved way for them to lead a happy life.

Tomorrow, we will check out on how Robin Sharma transformed people’s lives and motivated them.

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