Prominent personalities – Seth Godin

//Prominent personalities – Seth Godin

Prominent personalities – Seth Godin

Prominent personalities – Seth Godin

All we need is a little push in life. When you are really motivated towards doing something, you will move forward and complete your goal. But, sometimes, as humans we tend to get laid back. That is where, motivational speakers play an important role. We saw as to how Tony Robbins, Bob Doyle and Robin Sharma changed the lives of people with their methodologies. Today, we will see another prominent personality – Seth Godin.

Born on July 10, 1960 in New York, Godin is an American author, public speaker, entrepreneur and dons many such roles. After his brief stint as brand manager at Spinnaker Software, he founded the Seth Godin Productions with his savings. This was at first a book packaging business. Along with Mark Hurst, in the same office, he founded Yoyodyne, an Internet-based direct marketer. After some years, Godin sold the book packaging business and focused on Yoyodyne, where the concept of permission marketing was promoted by him.

Godin is the author of about 18 books that has been translated into more than 35 languages. Most of his work focused on marketing, leadership, quitting, idea spreading, post-industrial revolution, changing everything and so on. Some of his books that have been globally best-sellers are Linchpin, Tribes, The Dip and Purple Cow. Godin’s blog is one of the most searched-for in the internet. He releases a daily post on his blog, which is welcomed warmly by the people. In 2009, Godin’s blog was ranked as the number 1 marketing blog out of the 976 tracked, in the AdAge Power 150.

In the upcoming blog, we will read about Stephen Covey and his contribution towards motivating and inspiring people.

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