Qualities to look for in a Virtual Assistant

//Qualities to look for in a Virtual Assistant

Qualities to look for in a Virtual Assistant

There are more than a handful of qualities you need to look for in a Virtual Assistant before you decide on trusting your delegable work-load to be addressed and processed. Other than performance oriented qualities, a Virtual Assistant must possess a few personality traits that in-turn makes them fitting for such a responsibility in the servicing industry.

A Virtual Assistant must be empathetic, open-minded, communicatively precise, and selfless during instances that clients find themselves dependent on them, conscience-driven towards their process and work-habits (non-lethargic), self-motivated and most importantly, take pride and ownership over their servicing methods and quality. A consolidated amalgamation of the previously mentioned traits brings out the unique tendencies and qualities for becoming the best Virtual Assistants in the business.

Other performance relative qualities are:

Punctuality – Punctuality is not only relative to a Virtual Assistants’ dependable availability. It also measures their efficiency relative to accomplishing tasks ahead of deadlines whilst maintaining their quality of work. It serves as the foremost prerogative to reliability. Being prompt and effective also reveals how important you are as a client to the Virtual Assistant.

Confidence – A Virtual Assistant that exudes confidence is one that has utmost faith in his abilities. It radiates as an air of assurance over one’s motives, beliefs, skills and quality of work.

Diligence – A “self-motivated, challenge-driven” attitude that facilitates your work-flow as fruitfully as possible is an elemental virtue for Virtual Assistants. A Virtual Assistant that is diligent will identify the pattern to your periodic needs and begin effectively addressing your needs without you having to mention them.

Modesty and Courteousness – Courtesy is ultimately what creates a cushion for communication and even prevents accidental insensitivities during conversations. If a VA is courteous whilst addressing a client, more often than not, you feel the need to return the courtesy.

Modesty goes hand-in-hand with courtesy. Although every working professional is entitled to take pride in their accomplishments, how it affects his professional ego and whether he chooses to act in accordance to it is an entirely different prospect. Humility is a primary requisite in the modern ego-centric world. So, finding a Virtual Assistant that is humble as well as efficient is like finding a diamond in the dust.

Creativity – As a client, a qualitative return is as important as a quantitative one. The primary variable that can also be used as a unit of measure for quality is creativity. Creative thinking contributes to owning a competitive edge during pressing situations or problem-solving.

Trustworthy – Trust is a commodity that is measured by history of engagements and the satisfaction gained from those engagements. This is truer with Virtual Assistants. The condition that they’re not physically present should never become an obstacle or an issue that needs to be addressed. So, with Virtual Assistants, trust becomes the only measure of the relationship. The gradual increase of this asset is sure to facilitate the speed of productivity.

Accountability – Ownership takes a whole new meaning here. A Virtual Assistant that is ready to own his discrepancy, on its occasional occurrence, is definitely more of an asset than one that doesn’t. As human beings, it is impossible to perform without the occasional errors. But, the best way to recover on such occasions is to own, rectify and make certain that it never repeats itself.

Reliability – Possessing all the above traits and performance qualities is what creates the most essential and credible trait, reliability. To rely on your Virtual Assistance is to rely on the assurance of his quality and efficiency.

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