Ready to Give Up on your New Year’s Resolutions Already?

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Ready to Give Up on your New Year’s Resolutions Already?

Ready to Give Up on your New Years Resolutions Already

We all know how it starts. Great intentions, perfect planning, and a whole lot of hope – that’s what most of us put in to making our New Year’s resolutions list. Surprisingly, out of more than 40% of us who resolve to do X,Y,Z things every year, only 8% actually succeed.

The dismal success rate is the reason most people give up on making goals and New Year resolutions altogether.

But, giving up isn’t the solution. Getting smarter is.

So what is it that those 8% people do differently? While everyone’s goals obviously differ, most people fail to achieve their New Year resolutions as they focus on hitting specific goals without first addressing the root cause of their problems/lacunas. Here’s our guide to help you steer clear of the vicious circle of yo-yo’ing back and forth on your resolutions.

Making 2017 your Best Year Ever

Let me guess – Losing weight/eating healthy/making time for self, family, and friends/being more productive at work. These are some of your resolutions right? Well then, in all probability, YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL at achieving them. Instead, try our recommended ‘5-S’ i.e. 5 New Year resolutions that form the crux of everything you desire and you’ll be thanking us forever!

#1 SLEEP more: If you think deeply about all the numerous resolutions you may have made in the past – the root cause of almost all, is likely to be sleep deprivation. Whether it is about boosting workplace performance, becoming and eating healthier, giving up that coffee addiction (or even alcohol and smoking) or just becoming more focussed on your goals – everything requires you to be focused, energetic, and self-motivated and sleep is crucial to succeed in all these aspects.

#2 SMILE more, even if it’s plastic: Yes, research has proved that even a forced smile can make one healthier and happier as facial activity influences our affective responses. When you smile, the facial feedback from muscles to the brain helps release happiness hormones i.e. serotonins, endorphins, and dopamine that work to reduce feelings of stress and arousing positive emotions. What’s more – smiling is contagious; people around you will invariably mimic your expression, spreading happiness all around.

#3 SCHEDULE more: No, we don’t mean to tell you to waste all your time in scheduling calendars, meetings, and appointments – we rather advocate un-scheduling your time. The point here is to schedule more ME time – so you can take frequent vacations, pursue your hobbies, rejuvenate your energies, and everything else will automatically follow – be it better productivity, efficiency, and even more money. Master the art of delegation by hiring a virtual assistant to take excess work off your personal and professional plates.

#4 SWEAT more: There’s simply NO alternative to physical exercise – be it a one-minute workout, a marathon run, or simply pacing your office stairs during the lunch break, getting some exercise everyday is non-negotiable. Healthy individuals make better leaders, take better decisions, and undoubtedly also lead a better personal life than those who don’t value their bodies.

#5 SKIP more: Skip all those unnecessary meetings, obligations, projects, and events that don’t hold any real importance for you by firmly and politely saying NO. Committing to more than you can handle, in both your personal and professional life, can be a sure fire way to create unwanted stress and anxiety. Keep it simple and focus only on the people and things that matter most to you.

Start practising these 5 resolutions and we’re sure you are going to have a Happy New Year!

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