Revisit Digital Customer Experience through Touchpoints

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Revisit Digital Customer Experience through Touchpoints

Revisit Digital Customer Experience through Touchpoints

Digital transformation – that’s the big bus taking businesses to the land of richer customer experiences, more effective marketing strategies and phenomenal business tools. Almost no business can afford to miss the bus as every organization is racing to catch up with brand new business models and customer expectations. In today’s digital age, customer experience is one of the top priorities in every industry vertical.

According to Forrester Research, customer experience (CX) is “how customers perceive interactions with your company.” They believe that customers need to see your brand as “useful, usable and enjoyable.” Here are a few steps that companies need to follow to achieve superior customer experience:

Map the customer journey

Customer journey mapping is a very important part of your marketing as it can drive customer acquisition, retention and revenue for your organization. However, the traditional linear models are no longer enough in today’s market that is undergoing radical transformation.  The need of the hour is to go beyond just capturing and describing the typical customer journey – it is necessary to gain a deeper understanding of the path that the customers take during the lifecycle of their engagement with your brand.

It is true that companies think ‘customer experience’ is their single most exciting opportunity for their brands (2017 Digital Marketing Trends Report by Econsultancy and Adobe).

Six hallmarks from companies that excel in customer experience:

  1. Define a clear, compelling value proposition delivered through customer journeys
  2. Know the journeys that matter, and why they matter
  3. Continuously innovate the end-to-end journey experiences.
  4. Use journeys to reinforce front-line culture
  5. Optimize operational processes and systems to ensure consistent delivery
  6. Use journeys to define metrics and working mechanism.

Map the Touchpoints

For most companies, customer experience immediately reminds of touchpointsthe individual transactions through which a potential customer or customer interacts with your brand. These transactions could be before, during, or after they purchase something from you (survey monkey).

Take a moment to imagine the number of points at which a customer will touch your brand: a search engine (Google if you please), Social Media interaction, news stories, online blogs and articles, conversations with family and friends. Given the nature of today’s multi-touchpoint, multichannel, always-connected, hypercompetitive consumer markets, it is imperative to have a customer experience map that is well synced with the market trends and customer expectations – every single time.

Add to it the explosion of customer interaction points across a variety of new channels, applications and devices, consistency of customer service and experience across channels is near impossible. However, you can still achieve a great CX if you are managing the customer journey and not just the touchpoints. Outsourcing customer experience is a smart option, especially when you need to focus more on your core strengths.

Credit: Value of CX in digital age

Offer Seamless Multichannel CX

Speaking of multichannel, building a positive customer journey across all the channels available is imperative for businesses, especially if they want the customers to perceive their brand well. Mobile phone has become a ‘second screen’ for consumers with an average adult spending over 87 hours per month browsing on their mobile phones. Over 90% of customers support their buying journey with their smartphone – be it for research purpose, reviews or price comparisons.

However, don’t assume that mobile marketing alone is enough. The age old desktop shouldn’t be left behind because a vast majority of American consumers are not ‘desktop only’ or ‘mobile only’ but heavily multi-platform – all the more reason for you to make your information seamless from your desktop to your mobile app to your mobile site. Remember customers can get frustrated very easily if they are faced with inconsistent information or need to start from square one when transitioning from one device to other.

Get closer to the true reality of the customer

To build a comprehensive customer experience map that is a true representative of customer’s real-world experiences, market researcher need to deploy the right tools to reach the right audience at the right time, at the right place. Given the expansiveness of the CX in today’s hyper digital age, companies need to consider the right mix of tools and approaches to get closest to the true reality of their customers.

Here are six steps to optimize your digital customer experience:

As Forrester said, “it starts and ends with the perception you create of your brand within each and every consumer interaction.” Keep track of every interaction across all channels to identify trends and then personalize the customer experience accordingly. Use analytics for accurately identifying the unique voice of the customer, and for creating pre-emptive content that answers commonly asked questions and even troubleshoot errors before they escalate. Aim to create a truly personalized customer experience that delights your customers and inspires true brand loyalty.

It is a fact that digital channels are the key to customer interaction and customer experience subsequently. Unfortunately though, many companies are still lagging in their ability to use them. Digital channels such as online, mobile or social play a very crucial role in customer interaction today. Use the multiple channels, content forms, customer journey and analytics to serve a truly ‘wow’ customer experience.

Delegation of customer service to experts at Habiliss will free your time and let you focus on business critical operations. Ping us on live chat now to know how we can help you provide the best customer experience.

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    Today’s world has become more digitized. There is a demand created in digital service for every business. This article is the right guide for newbie entrepreneurs.

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