Role Of A Virtual Assistant In Event Planning

//Role Of A Virtual Assistant In Event Planning

Role Of A Virtual Assistant In Event Planning

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Event planning and management is a tremendous task. Looking for venue, arranging for caterers, searching for gifts, and the like are tiresome when done by a single person. The virtual assistants at Habiliss complete the extensive job of event planning or party organising with ease.

Find below a small brief about an event we planned for a client.

A few weeks ago, one of our most valued clients received a promotion and became the new head of operations for her company. To celebrate this memorable event, she decided to organise a party for her colleagues.

Concise of the Party Planning:

Being an independent and self-driven woman, she entertained the idea of organizing it herself with a little bit of assistance from our part. The planning and the organisation part were left to us, while she focussed on the important tasks.

We knew that she had a passion for cooking. So, the moment she told us she was going to cook for the event as well, we made a checklist and were ready for the impending research that would help keep the economical leash on her budget.

She gave 3 primary dishes for her guests to choose from and a 4th option open for the guests with specific preferences. She asked us to incorporate it into the invites that were about to be sent out to her colleagues.

Our role in the event:

Our job was to consolidate the responses and food preferences of her guests; and provide her a detailed report on the exact amount of raw materials and ingredients that would be required to cook for the attending number.

She also requested a cooking-guide for each of the dishes that were going to be made. We were asked to get the raw materials and ingredients and have it delivered a day ahead of the party. Other party-supplies, liquor preferences (addressed similarly like food through the invites) and cleaning-up services were also organized ahead of time and kept ready at her discretion.


We were later informed that the party had gone really well and that her cooking skills were largely appreciated. But most importantly, the budget did not cross her specified limits and there was no wastage.

For all types of event planning services, get in touch with us.

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