Creating a schedule and deciding on how to commit between chores is called scheduling. To bring about productivity, scheduling of the work is very important. Scheduling not only helps you maintain a life balance, but also aids in achieving goals and prioritizing things.

Technology to the rescue:

Technology is vital in day-to-day life, and makes things a lot easier than the usual. Technology is creating a deep impact in everyone’s lives. Why not we make use of the same for scheduling? Let us see how:

Gone are the times when people took a pen and paper to jot down their to-do list. Everything is made easy with just a click or a tap. Nearly everyone does have a Smartphone with them now-a-days. Schedule your tasks on the smart phones using a mobile application. Some of the examples of applications that can be used to schedule are, Boomerang Calendar, Calendly, Meet-O-Matic, NeedToMeet, and so on.

Once you have chosen the tool that you are comfortable with, follow these points to make the best out of scheduling:

  • Identify the time that is available: Based on your job and personal space, chalk out a schedule that would help you to balance both professional chores as well as personal work.
  • Block in what absolutely require your attention: Analyze the chores that need your undivided attention. The rest of the work can be done with the help of a virtual assistant!
  • Schedule time for emergencies: Contingencies might occur anytime. So be prepared and make sure that there is ample time for the same.
  • Review: Take a look at all what you have done through the week, and try to improvise it!

These are some key points to basically use technology into scheduling. In the upcoming blog post, we can see how to induce workforce management through scheduling.