Self Improvement – Practical ways to self improvement

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Self Improvement – Practical ways to self improvement


Self improvement is nothing but constantly improving ourselves through various ways and is unique for everyone, but, the end result is the same. Through self-improvement, one can increase productivity and also feel good about it.  Let us look at ways how one can achieve self-improvement:

  1. Reading a book every day.
  2. Learn a new language; this sure does help a lot in achieving self-improvement.
  3. Pick a new hobby, one amongst your list of interests.
  4. Get rid of some annoying habit, and cultivate a new one.
  5. Overcome your fears by facing them.
  6. Level up skills.
  7. Ask for feedback from peers and family.
  8. Get out of your comfort zone, and try to conquer something that you think you cannot.
  9. Learn from people who inspire you.
  10. Start a journal, and pen down simple thoughts.
  11. Avoid negativity, and if you come across it, look for ways to reduce it or overcome it.
  12. Start a 30-day challenge for any small thing or big task. For example gym, yoga, planned diet and so on.
  13. Mediate or do Yoga, as this relieves your stress and calms you down.
  14. Reduce the time you spend on social media.
  15. Identify your blind spots.
  16. Take a break often, and if possible go on a mini vacation.
  17. Learn any strategy mind-evoking game like chess, brain-teasers and so on.
  18. Learn from peers.
  19. Make sure you reach out to people who hate you.
  20. Last but not the least; make sure that you commit yourself to this personal growth.

These are some of the many tips that help us improve. In the upcoming blog, we will see on steps to turn self-improvement goals to reality.

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