Six Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

//Six Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

Six Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

Let’s be honest with ourselves right off the top – most of us, with the exception of the “A-Type” personality set, really don’t want to have to work for a living. If it was at all possible we would be pursuing our interests and hobbies, spending those work hours with friends and family, hanging out in our comfortable homes doing whatever we fancy at any given moment.

Going by the adage, “there is no place like home”, I am prone to believe that the closer you can make the work environment like home…the more comfortable and relaxed, and therefore, productive your employees will feel and be.

Employees, at every level, want to feel they have a place at the table. Here’s what to serve…

  1. Implement a positive work environment

According to the World Health Organization, job related stress occurs when employees are:

  • not able to handle increased job expectations
  • are expected to produce with little or no support from coworkers and management, and
  • are part of a “work culture” that mistakes higher stress levels with taking on challenges and calls that a positive thing.
  1. Respect

Employees perform at their best in an environment that is respectful of their individual work styles and diversity. Your sales team will increase their productivity by 20% when you provide them with

  • suitable resources
  • workshops
  • outstanding performance incentives
  • mentor those who under-achieve, and
  • inspire teamwork.
  1. Flexible Work Options

There are as many different work styles as there are people. Learn what motivates your employees to perform at their best and accommodate them.

Offer a work-from-home option to aid in boosting productivity by giving employees flexibility in their schedules allow them a 30-minute walk during lunch-time to prevent drowsiness and increase energy. Encourage employees to take walking breaks, coffee breaks, short breaks for exercise, meditation, or reading. By doing so you are helping them recharge their batteries in order to perform at their peak for the duration of the day.

  1. Feeling Valued

Everyone needs to feel valued. When employees feel valued, they won’t mind the extra work associated with seasons of higher productivity. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health points out that an engaging inclusive management style reduces work-place stress. Let your employees have input in growth strategy and value you’re their input toward. When personnel are inviting to help develop administrative goals, they are more passionate about it because they “own it”. It wouldn’t hurt to acknowledge employee initiative and performance with a handwritten note or an encouraging email as well.

  1. Little Things Matter

You’ve heard it said, “It’s the little things that count”. Where ever there is a community of people this little quote counts. And really, doesn’t spending 40 hour a week 5 days a week for several months or years together, constitute something of a community.

  • Provide free doughnuts or sliced fruit
  • offer complimentary coffee or tea each morning
  • bring in a bit of nature with plants or flowers placed around the office to create a warm and inviting work-space
  • show a concern for their physical comfort and health by ordering ergonomically designed chairs to prevent back issues
  • Install cozy soft lighting…
  1. Big Things Matter Too!

Create for your employees a healthy work/life balance by encouraging your employees to  take their vacations

  • Allow them the time to attend their children’s school functions
  • permit them to leave work early to pick a child up from school
  • if feasible, consider providing a child-care facility. This provides incredible peace-of-mind for working parents and spares them costly child-care expenses.

Creating employee trust and loyalty takes some time and perhaps a little financial investment. But the results in employee satisfaction and productivity are worth it. Stress-free and contented employees make productive employees.


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