Sleep Management Technology: because sleeping like a baby is no child’s play

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Sleep Management Technology: because sleeping like a baby is no child’s play

Sleep Management Technology because sleeping like a baby is no child’s play

Did you know that over 50-70 million US adults report suffering from sleep or wakefulness disorder? – making insufficient sleep no less than a public health problem. Besides the obvious side effects ranging from difficulty in performing daily tasks to lower productivity at work and being less alert when on the road, lack of quality sleep can predispose individuals to chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, obesity, and even cancer – all leading to increased mortality.

While most of us know the common sleep management tips such as following a bedtime routine, eating and exercising right, kicking off bad habits, etc., sometimes you need a little extra to get the results you desire. And while you must’ve read it a zillion times that technology is big NO when it comes to sleep management, here we show you three innovative ways you can leverage today’s technology to sleep better:

#1 Wear your sleep on your arm (not kidding) by investing in a sleep tracker: Sure, you’ve been told to maintain a sleep journal or a dream journal to identify what are the time frames when you experience deep REM sleep and how your patterns change with changes in weather and stress levels, technology has made it easier today. Beddit – an in-bed sleep tracker that you can easily slide under your sheet tracks heart rate, breathing, snoring and other sleep vitals to tell you about your lightest and deepest sleep periods and how you can maximize the latter. Most wearable fitness trackers and activity watches also come with sleep tracking features. If having a device by your side when you sleep ain’t your thing, there are a dozen sleep tracking mobile apps that you can choose from without having to invest a penny.

#2 What do design and sleep have in common? Its circadian lighting: You would think ‘what do lighting designers have to do with your sleep – they should be focusing on interiors, right?’ Well, as it turns out, lighting designers can help you significantly improve sleep quality through Circadian Lighting. An automated lighting system, this one is designed to stabilize your internal body clock by mirroring the ‘color temperature’ changes to natural light within your home throughout the day, therefore supporting your natural sleep-wake cycle. By maximizing human functionality and improving your sleep quality, circadian lighting sets you up for a healthy lifestyle – complete with better stress and energy management, improvement in cognitive processing speed, concentration, memory and behavior. For people whose careers are such that their work timings are not always in line with their bodies’ circadian rhythms, such as pilots, air hostesses, disc jockeys, astronauts, restaurant staff, and others, circadian lighting is a good way to slay those sleep demons.

#3 Heard of pop-up nap stations? A nap is always a great idea and pop-up nap stations are a great invention that make napping anywhere, anytime as easy as talking on the phone! Doze, a  San-Fransisco based start-up rents out its high-tech nap stations to companies and public organizations making it easier for overworked and stressed out employees to just walk into one and sleep whenever they can squeeze time out of their busy schedules.

This is not all – there are many other gadgets and techniques that are changing the sleep game today and in a big, good way. One mega step to improving your sleep (and life) is to hire a virtual assistant who can take care of all your non-core personal and professional tasks while you sleep in peace. So whatever be your choice, here’s wishing you a restful, blissful, and dreamy sleep!




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  • Eusebio Cronon

    After this i’m sure to follow you more. Love your posts.

  • Monica Takayama

    Omg I didn’t knew we have apps and trackers to manage our sleep!! Humans have walked far with technology, I will surely try a couple of these.

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