Sleep series – Long-term health benefits of sleep

//Sleep series – Long-term health benefits of sleep

Sleep series – Long-term health benefits of sleep

It is a well known fact that if you sleep better, you live better.

A proper sleep-cycle provides invaluable long-term benefits to your health. Many things we take for granted are affected by sleep. It is not only your mental well-being that needs to be rested, but your entire physical being and all its functional organs. Too much or too little sleep has direct effect on the longevity of a human life.

For example – Sleep is involved in the healing and repairing of your heart, blood-vessels, brain activity, cognitive dysfunctions, immune system, blood pressure, hormonal activity and pretty much every single component whose function allows you to exist in good health. And, it does this on an everyday basis. Disrupting it is more lethal than what we actually think.

Your immune system, digestive system, respiratory system and cardiovascular system all recover and re-vitalize only during sleep. The rest of the time, they are put through the test of keeping you alive.

For your dependents: Sleep is also the period during which the brain releases growth hormones for children and young adults. So, make sure your loved one’s get enough sleep.

A pre-requisite to long life is a good sound sleep at the right time. Get enough sleep to have a hale and healthy life!

After focusing on sleep for memory and long term benefits of sleep, in the upcoming blog, we will discuss on how sleep plays a vital role in enhancing your performance.

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