Sleep Series – Prerequisite for Performance

//Sleep Series – Prerequisite for Performance

Sleep Series – Prerequisite for Performance

Sleep is a Prerequisite for Performance

We had a brief discussion on how sleep is mandatory for a sharp memory, and the long-term health benefits of the same. Today, we will focus on how sleep is directly proportional to good performance.

Sleep deprivation is a common phenomenon in modern day life; but knowledge of its effects on one’s cognitive functions is stereo-typically ignored. Since sleep is an important factor that plays a vital role in normal functioning of the body, getting the adequate quantity is important for a good performance.

Adverse effects of sleep deprivation and its direct effects on performance:

Unless your brain has been given sufficient time to recover from a previous day’s exhaustion, the attributes that helps your productivity the next day, will be under pressure.

Motivation primarily, will be difficult to acquire. Because, the creative exhaustion that is required for it will subconsciously begin to seem more enervating. The lack of motivation affects everything from creativity, quality, efficiency, mood and worst of all the whole experience.

A good night’s sleep (8 hours for adults) is extremely important to optimally bring into action the aforementioned attributes of productivity i.e. your performance.

Pertaining to this topic, we shall further discuss how sleep deprivation is drawn parallel to the effects of driving under the influence in our next blog post.

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