Sleep series – Tips to get a sound sleep

//Sleep series – Tips to get a sound sleep

Sleep series – Tips to get a sound sleep

This week, the topic of discussion being sleep, we saw how sleep benefits us. We saw how sleep helps in strengthening memory, the long term health benefits of sleep, how sleep plays a role in your performance and how harmful sleep deprivation is. Today, we will see the solution to the sleep deprivation – that is ways to get a peaceful sleep.

  • Set a bed time and make it a routine to hit the cuddle-pad right then and there. Nothing in the world is more important (except your family) than the time you take to recover from a day’s work.
  • Do not ponder with concern when you’re about to sleep. Most people have a habit of running through their day’s events before they go to sleep. It is actually an extremely benefitting attitude, but you must also learn to ignore the impulse to follow negative or worrying thoughts that have accumulated during that day. Lose your anxiety towards it rationally and let yourself dive into your sub-conscious unconsciously.
  • Take a hot shower before you get to sleep.
  • Make sure to black out all sources of light before you go to sleep. Even little light can cause unwarranted disruption to your slumber.
  • Past light, is the next universally influential element; sound – Shut it.
  • Dinners digest during your sleep. Make sure to eat light before you sleep. This also helps avoid frequent trips to your bathrooms.
  • Processing toxicants by itself is a rueful process to the body. Processing it while it sleeps is worse. Avoid smoking and drinking; if not altogether; at least before you sleep.
  • Make sure you have a pillow that makes your head feel like it’s lost its sense of gravity.
  • If headaches or any other form of pain is keeping you awake, find a means to end it rather than trying to sleep on it.
  • If you still find difficulty in sleep because of some reason, don’t panic, avoid stating self-fulfilling prophecies like whether you could manage your work the next day if you don’t get any sleep; just slowly focus on your breathing and let it work its magic.

Here’s to hoping you get a good night’s sleep tonight.

Habiliss, helping you foster first things first.

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