Staying Overseas but Worried for Your ‘Indian Connections’? Leverage Expert Assistance from India.

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Staying Overseas but Worried for Your ‘Indian Connections’? Leverage Expert Assistance from India.

Staying Overseas but Worried for Your ‘Indian Connections’ Leverage Expert Assistance from India.


As a Non-Resident Indian (NRI), does it bother you to get your taxes, accounting, bank, insurance or other legal work done in India? Or on a personal note, are you bothered about the health of your aging parents or the financial security of your loved ones? If any of these resemble your challenges, you need to look no further than hiring a virtual assistant to get all of these and more done – well within your budget.

For the uninitiated, here is a list of tasks that NRIs can outsource to a virtual assistant:

#1 Property management: Need help managing your property or investments in real estate or even guidance on where to park your money? Most good virtual assistant services in India provide professional buying and selling assistance, property monitoring, document procurement and filing, property registration, property tax, and tenant related assistance ranging from police verification to rental agreements.

#2 Concierge services: Ranging from everyday needs to government related tasks, virtual assistants can provide a host of concierge services such as:

  • Document procurement and management: This includes birth/death/marriage certificates, educational mark sheets, PAN card, Aadhar card, voter identity cards, etc.
  • Immigration services: Visa procurement and extension, Embassy/MEA attestation, foreigner’s regional registration, etc.
  • Personal errands: Grocery shopping, birthday/anniversary gifts’ delivery, baby-sitting, electricity/phone/gas bills payment, etc.
  • Healthcare assistance: Arranging for home care including paramedics/care taker/nurse/baby-care at home, ambulance, emergency hospital drop, sourcing regular medical supplies, scheduling routine doctor visits and health check-ups
  • Personal insurance: Planning and assistance for personal needs such as vacations, buying and securing assets, ornaments insurance, etc.
  • Travel management: Planning and scheduling personal trips, local travel arrangements, planning for food and hygiene preferences, and even reminders for odd-time flights!

#3 Corporate services: Whatever be your business need – from sourcing cheap labor to skilled workers for specific projects such as SEO, web design, software development, etc. – a good virtual assistant will be able to find you resources to get the work done quickly and at a fraction of the cost from what you’d pay for it overseas.

What do you gain from hiring a virtual assistant based in India?

  • Cost savings: Professional and timely output at much lesser cost than having to do it yourself from overseas or through any other route in India
  • Time savings: You save valuable time and effort that you can put to better use in work or personal life
  • End-to-end services: No need to engage multiple agents for different personal and professional tasks – one virtual assistant firm can handle all your requests for a plethora of work.
  • Personal touch: When it comes to showing your love and affection to loved ones, a virtual assistant scores in a big way over mobile apps and automated messages. Let those who matter know you care, even if from miles away.

If you are an NRI looking for any assistance in personal or professional tasks in India, contact us here and let us take it from there!

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