Stress Management – Tips to weed out stress from workplace

//Stress Management – Tips to weed out stress from workplace

Stress Management – Tips to weed out stress from workplace

To achieve life balance, stress management is very important. We earlier saw as to how to clear the mind off the stress and how to manage stress to keep business alive. Today, let us focus on how to weed out stress from workplace.

According to a research from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, about 40% of the workers surveyed said that their jobs were extremely stressful and about 25% viewed their jobs as the first stressor in their lives. Stress when left unattended to can trickle down the entire organization. Given below are few tips that business leaders can implement in their organizations in order to weed off stress:

  1. Outsource stress management therapies: According to a recent study, 57% of the employees take unplanned leaves in order to beat stress. Also, about 62% of the employees told that they ended work with a neck pain or other health-related issues. The point zeroes down to being too much stressed. So, once a while, gift your employees’ coupon to spa or massage therapy centers. They are more likely to be happy and enjoy work rather than being stressed.
  2. Appreciation: This is one of the most important points when it comes to getting stressed. When you fail to appreciate the efforts of an employee, it leads to dejection. They refuse to focus on their goal because they are stressed due to not receiving appreciation. So, appreciate your employees for even their smallest effort.
  3. Help your employees improve mind and body: For employers who do think about reducing the stress for their employees, they must bring in some tools. Get in some trainers who would help the employees with some simple exercises that synchronize mind and the body.

Follow these simple steps to provide a stress-free workplace for your employees. In the upcoming blog, we will check practical ways to handle stress.

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