Suffering from the Superhero Syndrome? Delegating these 3 Tasks Could Save You

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Suffering from the Superhero Syndrome? Delegating these 3 Tasks Could Save You


Most entrepreneurs I know suffer from the Superhero Syndrome i.e. they simply wear one too many hats. From doing administrative tasks to scheduling meetings, travel arrangements, people management, and pretty much everything else – they like the ‘hands on’ approach. But self-managing everything and being a perfectionist has its advantages and disadvantages. What if continuing to operate this way threatens to ruin your business, reputation, and everything else you have so painstakingly built? What if this is the very approach that stops your business from growing to new heights? I say why get to that road when you have a simpler, more rational solution in the form of ‘outsourcing’.

Outsourcing non-core tasks to a virtual assistant can shave hours off your hectic schedule and literally give you the power to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.  But the tricky part is, knowing which tasks to delegate. Not sure where to start? I’d say outsourcing these 3 tasks could turn out to be a turning point for you and once you get a handle around the art of delegation, sky is the limit!

#1 Online research:  Being one of the most commonly outsourced tasks, most prevalent virtual assistants are well trained on it. Professional research could include finding information on a particular industry, key players, market size, to competitor research, exploring new products or business ideas, researching social media trends for marketing strategy, data mining activities including creating a database of prospective customers with their email and other contact details, and a lot more. You can even leverage virtual assistant services for personal online research – say for tasks like finding the best restaurant for a romantic Italian meal, the ideal place for a budget/luxury vacation, or the best insurance policy for your needs. Not only will a virtual assistant be most likely better and faster at scouring the internet for such information, he/she might even be able to get you the best deals at the best prices. Some tasks are really better left to the experts.

#2 Document Management: Having all your data sorted into a proper format can be a huge time saver when preparing and running for business meetings. Leverage virtual assistant services to make impactful power point presentations, reports on excel sheets, summarize meeting highlights/research findings in a word document, update databases with the latest statistics/information, convert word documents to PDF files, manage database entries from a hard copy format (like business cards or brochures) to soft copy, and many such low-impact but time consuming tasks. Accurate data in a shareable, easy to consume format is a vital asset for any business.

#3 Travel Management: With the number of on-the-move workers increasing across the globe, travel management is becoming a priority. Corporates and entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to virtual assistant services to ensure a hassle-free business travel. Virtual secretaries can prove to be a great resource to research airfares, accommodation, make local travel arrangements, source foreign currency at the best rates, manage appointments, and map out detailed itineraries for not just business but also pleasure trips. When planning an international trip, outsource the hassle of navigating time zones and enjoy the best international travel options at your preferred budget. Odd-hours flights bothering your mind? You can even outsource wake-up calls to your virtual assistant so you never miss a flight again!

Your secret weapon

Do you envy the successful people around you who manage to get the best of both worlds – personal and professional and look ever so happy? They have a secret weapon – their virtual assistants – and now that you know where to start, you can have it too!


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