Take a break. Meet yourself. Travel Alone!

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Take a break. Meet yourself. Travel Alone!

Take a break. Meet yourself. Travel Alone!

Solo travelers often find travelling alone to be a liberating experience where they end up rediscovering themselves. Travelling solo helps you steer clear from the pressures of adjusting or adapting to your travel companions’ preferences and demands and allows you to completely indulge yourself – your way.

But travelling alone may seem a bit daunting if you are not a solitary traveler. But, frankly, you do not need to be a gallant traveler to enjoy a solo trip to your favorite location. Regardless of gender, anyone can travel solo and soak in every bit of excitement and thrill a place has to offer. All you need is to pack a sense of adventure and follow few basic guidelines and hit the road!

Stay safe and secure

Perhaps the major concern of solo travelers is safety. Whether it is health issues or being duped or worse still – getting mugged. Travelling alone can make you feel vulnerable. But really it is not that bad, staying safe and secure is rather easy if you follow a few basic tips and travel smart.

Keeping your phone handy at all times, knowing the place and how much it costs to travel in and around the city can be a good place to start. This way you can clearly avoid being “taken for a ride”. Besides, try and book an accommodation with 24-hour check-in facility so that you can get a room as soon as you get to the hotel. Which means you will not have to spend time in the lobby or wandering around with your bag pack while you are weary and tired.

Apart from this, go with your own gut in a situation, always carry identification, avoid attracting unsavory attention and above all leave a copy of your itinerary with family member or friend back home, and stay connected at all times. It is also a good practice to read up a few articles on safety tips before you take that trip.

Research and plan your trip

Planning is key to any successful traveling experience, even more so when you take that solo tour. It is very important to strike that balance between budget and solo-friendly accommodation and tour packages/itineraries.  Despite traveling extensively many travelers still find it difficult to plan and manage their budget.

First up, do thorough research about your focus destination and benchmark a budget. Right from cost of transportation, food, accommodation, to sightseeing and other tourist activities – you need to make a chart of these items and place a price tag against each of them. This not only allows you to get a sense of the budget you need to allocate but also gives you an opportunity to modify the list wherever needed to make it more suitable and personalized.

Take help to manage your travel

As busy professionals or entrepreneurs you may not always have enough time to research and plan your trip meticulously, in fact it can be quite overwhelming. Now, here’s a thought – how about hiring a dedicated virtual assistant to do the leg work for you? Of course a travel agency can do this for you but sans the personal touch, which you would much appreciate when travelling alone! Plus you don’t want to trip your budget using travel agents to get an itinerary that’s pretty much never customized to your personal likes and dislikes. Whereas if you outsource the task to a virtual assistant, your trip will be managed by a dedicated person, who is completely invested in you, at a fraction of a cost.

Travel Management taken care by virtual assistants are tailor-made to ensure it fits your requirements and budget. Everything from flight, hotel and restaurant bookings to airport transfers, and booking other tour tickets – gets done with minimal or no intervention from clients. All you are required to do is to take that trip, stay safe and have fun!

 All set to travel solo? Call us or ping us on live chat – we can help you plan a customized and memorable itinerary.

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  • Luke Wyatt

    I completely agree that travelling solo helps rediscovering one self. Ideally I prefer travelling alone or at the least with a very small group, lesser the people more peaceful the trip is. Solo travelling lets me be myself, free to go anywhere I wish, do whatever I want to and have my own schedules as per my convenience. Happy travelling buddies 🙂

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