Thanks, Dad. You Made Me Who I Am

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Thanks, Dad. You Made Me Who I Am


While fathering a child is arguably the easiest part of the parenting journey, there is so much more depth to the important role of being a dad. Not just to a child, but also when your kids turn into adults – we never stop needing our parents, do we? Let’s look deeper at what goes into making a great father.

Fathers are an emotional rock: A father’s presence is vital to ensuring a child’s emotional well-being. The father’s involvement is critical to an infant’s cognitive development, a toddler’s school readiness, a teen’s social conduct, and an adult’s career success.  Every stage of a child’s life needs a ‘father factor’. With 24 million children in America alone living in biological father-absent homes, the society today is facing a serious crisis. For children who have the fortune of living with both their parents, the latter must ensure to strike a proper work life balance to provide for sound emotional and mental well-being of the child.

Adapting to changing parenting roles: Studies reveal that today’s dads are more involved in parenting than we’ve seen in previous generations. Not that we really needed studies to back that – we see it all around us, thanks to more women choosing to work outside of homes even after becoming mothers. This changing economic trend is making dads spend more time with kids, adding many undefined functions to their role as a father.

Being a father, how do you ensure to spend quality time with kids?

Whether you are a stay-at-home dad, full time working dad, work-from-home dad, or whatever may be your relationship status with your spouse – separated, divorced, or married – your child needs your undisturbed attention. If you have work and stress  on your mind all the time, it is always a good idea to relieve yourself of some unimportant work that doesn’t need your direct attention. Learn to delete some of it to subordinates, hire more help or start using virtual assistant services. Your children won’t be dependent on you forever – make the most of the time spent with them while they are young. Engage with them, collect more memories, and not things. Your daughters will forever look for a ‘piece of you’ in their future life partners and your boys will model themselves after you. Yes, you are that important.

Are you a father trying hard to strike the perfect work life balance? Or looking to give your father the perfect gift to appreciate him this Father’s Day?

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