That Extra Pair of Hands Every Wedding/Event Planner Needs

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That Extra Pair of Hands Every Wedding/Event Planner Needs

That Extra Pair of Hands Every Wedding - Event Planner Needs

Remember this dialogue of Mary from the movie Wedding Planner that grievously injured Steve’s ego?

Y’know, those who can’t do, teach. Well those who can’t wed, plan.

That line probably makes every wedding planner cringe, but it is not entirely true. There are people who plan weddings and events as a passion, profession or hobby, and do a great job at that (and some are happily married too!).

Planning a wedding or event usually means a lot of work – finalizing venue and date, guest list, seating arrangement, decoration, catering – the list isn’t endless but certainly joyless. In short it means a lot of effort and time, too much stress, and mostly a costly affair.  A wedding planner or event planner takes up the hard work and lets us enjoy the moment and cherish the memories.

From saving time to cutting costs, from efficient planning to flawless execution, from stress-free event to guilt-free happiness, wedding/event planners bring with them a ton of benefits. Given today’s quick pace of life and competition in the hospitality industry, event planners sometimes feel the need for an additional pair of hands to help them.

Here is how Virtual Assistants can help wedding/event planners do their job more efficiently.

  1. Administrative tasks

Managing your inbox, responding to emails and answering incoming calls may sound like simple tasks but they can eat up hours of your day. When a virtual assistant takes care of administrative tasks, you get that much more time to focus on other important tasks of event management.

  1. Calendar management

Now that your virtual assistant is managing administrative tasks for you, it is time to delegate calendar management too. A virtual assistant can manage, schedule and confirm your appointments through a cloud-based calendar system that allows you access to the latest updates to your schedule, whenever, wherever.

  1. Travel

If there is one thing that even the most patient person hates doing, it is planning a travel itinerary. As an event planner, you may need to do a bit of travel. Instead of spending hours trying to find the best deals on airline tickets or hotels or rental cars, delegate it to a virtual assistant and save big on time.

  1. Budget and Accounting

When it comes to money, we need to be absolutely sure of trusting someone with it. A virtual assistant is not only reliable but also efficient in accounting and bookkeeping. You can safely turn over the responsibility for payment processing, payroll management, expense and revenue tracking, and invoicing to your virtual assistant.

  1. Research

Virtual assistants are quick and efficient in finding the best venues, décor, food and entertainment for your events. When you use virtual assistant frequently, they become more familiar with your requirements and taste.

  1. Social Media

Social media is a great platform for wedding and event planners to spread the word about their services. The flipside is that it is very time consuming. You can share your login information with your assistant so it can make posts, respond to comments, schedule blog entries, retweet and keep you socially active.

  1. Website management

Are you technologically challenged or have no inclination to go all techie? Fret not. Most virtual assistants today are tech savvy and can help you manage your website, make changes, update plugins, perform SEO and even code.

Getting the Most Out of your Virtual Assistant in Event Management

There are event planners that use assistant for strictly professional tasks and there are others who delegate both personal and professional tasks to virtual assistant. In either case, the key to a successful working relationship with a virtual assistant is timely and clear communication about your needs and expectations. You can use phone, emails, texts or live chats to explain your requirements and tasks delegated.

How frequently you wish to contact your assistant is entirely up to you. Spend adequate amount of time on briefing so there is no ambiguity or delay due to lack of complete information. When used in the right manner, virtual assistants can be a huge asset to professionals in the event management community.

Ping us on live chat now to know how Habiliss Virtual Assistants can make wedding and event planning stress-free and cost efficient. Here’s a quick view of our services and pricing packages.

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