Time Management for Professors

//Time Management for Professors

Time Management for Professors

As highly accomplished and recognized lecturers in your respective fields, we recognize the non-seriousness you occasionally sense whilst accomplishing tasks that are ‘not’ high in your list of priorities, yet are still important, or truth be told, does not require your much valued attention, effort or time.

Tasks that are generally procrastinated:

Bill payments, email management, creating presentations, tracking your appointments, scheduling, dinner reservations, doctors’ appointments and other IVR services that keep you on ‘hold’ as you ponder what exactly it is your ‘holding for’ may fall under this category to you. Imagine the benefits of having a personal assistant that would efficiently handle all of the above and more. Now, imagine getting all that work done, without the expenditure of an in-house personal assistant.

Voila’, Virtual Assistant!

Optimizing your lifestyle by addressing all your task oriented needs is a ‘Virtual Assistants’ fundamental prerogative. Under this, their primary concern is helping you manage your time efficiently and effectively.

From travel bookings and hotel reservations of your desired taste, to finding the right ‘robotics kit’ for your child’s summer camp, ‘Virtual Assistants’ provide solutions to everything in your life that labels itself as a responsibility, errand or makes its way into your ever accumulating to-do list.

Virtual assistants can also help you professionally in co-ordination with their in-house research and analytics teams, providing you consolidated content on any subject you wish to gain information from.

Dedicated Virtual Assistant :

If you wish to go a step further and gain complete access to servicing that is customized to suit your unique needs, you can opt for a Dedicated Virtual Assistant. Like in all solid relationships, trust is an essential requisite built over time. Once you’ve decided on your Dedicated Virtual Assistant, you may inform him/her of your unique needs, requisites or tasks and instruct them as to how you wish to carry it forth here on in so that a bondable wavelength is created between you and your Dedicated Virtual Assistant.

Habiliss, helping you foster first things first.

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