Time-wasters – An interruptive medium of communication

//Time-wasters – An interruptive medium of communication

Time-wasters – An interruptive medium of communication

‘Either you run the day or the day runs you.’ Time is a precious factor, and managing the same gets you to dizzying heights in life. In this series, we will discuss about the time wasters that are commonly present, and ways to overcome the same.

This is not commonly perceived as an interruption but is in definite contention to be “the greatest distraction of all time”. Yes, we are talking about the phones. Although most people have already overcome this by choosing when to “pick-up a call” or when to “reply to a message”; what is more efficient is simply keeping your mobile phones in silent and directing your hard-lines temporarily to the answering machine.

Never fret over who is trying to reach you, you can always reach them back in time; and, with a cushion to gather yours thoughts before you reply to them (key to precise communication). This might not be possible on all occasions; but adhering to it when plausible is definitely a beneficial attribute to qualitative productivity. True focus cannot afford even the slightest distract stimuli because; a good train of thought is difficult to board again, once it passes.

Keeping this topic as a header, tomorrow, we will discuss on the indispensable benefits of delegation.

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