When it comes to time-wasters, there are a plenty available that will make us procrastinate. As of today, after seeing how phones are an interruptive medium of communication, indispensable benefits of delegation and the importance of scheduling, we will see how office talk limitation will help you achieve efficiency.

Technically speaking, it is an impossible ordeal to drone your way through work. Not only is socializing vital to improve productivity but also improves the chemistry between employees; which in-turn increases efficiency. Groups are formed, topics are addressed and current affairs are discussed in every corporate house in the planet. The trick is to not exceed beyond limits.

Limits are not what your supervisors or bosses find themselves being forced to address to you. They are boundaries and principles ‘you’ set for yourself to maintain ‘your’ standards of productivity. The first person you should feel answerable to is ‘yourself’. A better solution is to postpone non-work-related-discussions (beyond a certain point) to be re-addressed whilst socializing after work-hours in your local restaurants or pubs. This keeps both your work related productivity and socializing skills on the up.

Juggling two tasks of opposite extremes, and counter-productive to each other by nature, is like being a double-agent that’s never truly committed.

Keeping a tab on the topic, in the upcoming blog, we will discuss about time-managed productivity for meetings.

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