Time wasters scheduling a tribute to perfectionists

Time wasters being our topic of discussion, we saw how phones are an interruptive medium of communication and the indispensable benefits of delegation. Today, we will see as to how the scheduling helps in managing and saving of time.

To simplify, this is an identification process of knowing what needs to be done and when it must be done with relation to deadlines.

Prioritization is the key for scheduled activities. Prioritizing daily tasks and cataloging it to be addressed at a particular time of the day leaves no room for anything to be missed out. It also gives you a perspective over what is realistically achievable with your time.

It is also useful to have a contingency-time during a day for unexpected tasks or tasks yet to be made aware to your knowledge.

An important factor to remember: Avoid cramming a schedule with more tasks than you can realistically handle. There’s nothing more counter-productive to scheduling than this. Haste is a catalyst that heavily compromises quality.

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