Time-Wasters: Workspace Clutter/Workspace Sanctity

//Time-Wasters: Workspace Clutter/Workspace Sanctity

Time-Wasters: Workspace Clutter/Workspace Sanctity

Discussing on time-wasters, we saw as to how phones are an interruptive medium of communication, indispensable benefits of delegation, importance of scheduling, how office talk limitation,will help you achieve efficiency and about time-managed productivity for meetings.

Workspace Sanctity is an acquired mentality, not a physical habit. Keeping things in order, keeping things clean, keeping things catalogued and keeping your work-space (available) only for the things you’re working on at that moment of time increases efficiency by copious amounts. This also, almost always, gives you a constant sense of freshness because no task would be unfinished and you would be ready for any new challenge that could be thrown your way. A life lead without preparation is a life lead without purpose. For, all purposes require action; and no action is worth taking without preparation.

Personify neatness into your personality; and you will begin to see the immediate benefits overflow into other aspects of your life. What doesn’t get cleaned up, will eventually clean you up. So,de-clutter your workspace to get more productivity and lessen time-waste.

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