Virtual Assistant for Business Owners

//Virtual Assistant for Business Owners

Virtual Assistant for Business Owners

Do I really need a Virtual Assistant for my business?

Here are 6 simple questions you can answer to determine if outsourcing your administrative tasks to a Habiliss VA is beneficial to your business:

1. Is your family and social life suffering because you have to work nights and weekends just keep up with the administrative side of your business?
2. Have you ever blown a business opportunity because you missed a deadline?
3. Are administrative tasks taking up the hours you could be using to build your business?
4. Are you able to stay on top of business developments such as maintaining an up-to-date client database or utilizing the ever changing social and business networking sites?
5. Are there too many items on your “to-do” list that you’re avoiding just so you can focus on the money making side of your business?
6. Are you feeling overwhelmed?

How a Habiliss Virtual Assistant can Help your Business:

Cost effective

In comparison to the cost of a full-time onsite employee, a VA can do most of the things an onsite employee can do for a fraction of the cost.

Because a Habiliss VA is paid and managed by Habiliss, you are not obligated to pay for employee benefits, sick leaves, vacation pay, pregnancy leave, etc.

Plus, you only pay per task or for hours worked as opposed to lunch and coffee breaks, tardiness, “water cooler chit-chat”, doctor’s appointments, etc.

Zero Overhead Costs:

Because a VA does not work onsite you are relieved of the extra cost of providing:  office space, office equipment, computer hardware or software, snacks, beverages, extra energy consumption.

Reduction in Work Load:

Habiliss Virtual Assistants are trained and experienced in all areas of business, including:

  • Travel arrangements
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Word processing
  • Appointment setting
  • Meeting arrangements
  • Data entry
  • Mailing
  • Answering phone calls
  • Reports and spreadsheets
  • Planning events
  • Administrative tasks
  • Placing orders
    …to name just a few.

If you could outsource even half of the tasks listed above to a Habiliss VA think of the reduction in work load and the corresponding time you will be saving so you can finally get down to business!

Do You Need a Virtual Assistant for Your Business?

If you answered yes to any of the six questions at the beginning and could use some Cost effective, Zero overhead, Work-load reducing help – yes!

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