Virtual Assistant for Realtors

//Virtual Assistant for Realtors

Virtual Assistant for Realtors

Habiliss Virtual Assistants (VAs) provide realtors, real estate agents with professional administrative and technology services so you are relieved of those necessary but time consuming tasks. By outsourcing the paper work, phone-calling, web management and a host of other online tasks to a VA you are free to concentrate on what you do best – selling, showing and listing properties.

Because Habiliss VAs are assisting real estate agents on a daily basis they are able to stay on top of cutting edge real estate technology as well as staying apprised of the constantly changing regulations in each state.

Here are the things a Habiliss Virtual Assistant can do for you:

  • Listing and leads management
  • Website maintenance, content, and marketing
  • Social Marketing: tweeting, blogging, etc.
  • Making phone calls
  • Data entry
  • Point2Agent
  • CMAs & BPOs
  • Database maintenance
  • Drip e-mail and FSBO campaigns
  • Mailings
  • MLS
  • com enhancements
  • Creating Visual Tours
  • Transaction management

Besides saving valuable time, outsourcing to a virtual assistant saves money – how?

Think of the financial relief it would be not to have to provide extra office space and equipment, or new software. What’s more, since a Habiliss virtual assistant is paid and managed by Habiliss you don’t have to worry about paying employee taxes or paying for sick leave, holidays, pregnancy leave, mileage, and all the other burdensome fees, taxes and expenses incurred by having an onsite employee.

A Habiliss VA is fully prepared to support your technological and administrative needs.

For more information on how Habiliss can help you with your realtor requirements, please get in touch.

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