Virtual Assistant for Social Media Marketing

//Virtual Assistant for Social Media Marketing

Virtual Assistant for Social Media Marketing

You know that you want to use Social Media Marketing to promote and increase your business but you don’t know how or you don’t have the time.

Marketing your business has never been easier or budget fitting with the advent of online marketing nor has it been more time consuming. With 4,000 social networking sites on the internet, who has time to feed them all your tasty content, or to know which ones will bring the most customers to your site?

The world of social networking can seem overwhelming and confusing. With their knowledge and experience your Social Media Marketing VA will assess your marketing needs and create an overall Social Media strategy for you.

What Can a Virtual Assistant Do for My Social Media Marketing?In a word? Everything…

  • Set up your profile on all or the most advantageous social networking sites
  • Maintenance of social networking profile
  • Customize and optimize your profile
  • Track and analyze data (to see what’s working and what isn’t)
  • Create a publishing calendar
  • Find targeted followers
  • Promote your social network accounts
  • Promote, edit, prepare and post videos
  • Blog posting &maintenance
  • Perform keyword research and write content accordingly
  • Submit your blogs and website to directories

Will my Image and Brand be affected by using a Virtual Assistant?

Habiliss knows you value the integrity of your image and brand. We ensure that your name and image remain intact while a Habiliss VA takes over the time consuming job of feeding the hungry social networking monsters. When we set up profiles on your behalf we use only your logo and name and your unique image.

There’s no time like the present. For more information about how a Habiliss Virtual Assistant can increase your online visibility,contact us now.

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