Virtual assistants for doctors

//Virtual assistants for doctors

Virtual assistants for doctors

Virtual assistants from Habiliss have served an array of clients. Below given is a concise report of how the services of Habiliss virtual assistant helped a doctor.


Being in a doctor’s profession is like being busy all the time. Scheduling the personal and the professional activities equally is a hectic task. The virtual assistants from Habiliss were challenged to optimize the work-flow by scheduling appointments, maintaining relationships and providing round-the-clock servicing assistance, which is 24-hour availability.

What was asked for?

The client asked us to maintain schedule by providing prior notification to the Doctor and patient. The doctor also asked us to provide data segregation relative to health care and medical industry related news articles and informative content. We were also asked to follow previously decided contingency plans for off-hour emergencies, and maintain operational policies and procedures. The virtual assistants were also asked to report the necessary changes to the management. Of all, the doctor asked us to greet patients on the telephone and respond to inquiries.

Our role-play:

After getting the necessary brief, our virtual assistants set to work. We provided the client with effective and efficient scheduling of appointments, gave daily update on appointments of the day, and on off-hour calls and inquiries. Our virtual assistants guided patients through contingency plans in case of unavailability of Doctor. Also operational policies and procedures and reporting on changes needed were compiled. Last but not the least, a consolidated data relative to life-science, health industry, medical industry and pharmaceutical industry related news and information was provided.


All the patients were served, and all the calls were attended. Nothing was left un-attended. There was also a significant increase in efficiency and effectiveness and in-turn accessibility related recognition for the Doctor at the lowest possible operational cost.

Habiliss, we support your needs virtually.

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