Virtual assistants for life coach

//Virtual assistants for life coach

Virtual assistants for life coach

Each and every client has different needs, and Habiliss has catered to almost every need. One of our prestigious clients, a life coach sought the service of Habiliss virtual assistants.  Below is a brief of how our services rendered to a life coach helped him grow:


The client put forth a challenge that he must be updated on current news on various disciplines such as Sociology, Psychology, Neuroscience, marketing and health related. A life coach is a person, who helps people attain their goals in life. Having this as a profession means to support and motivate others. After getting the tasks from the client, our virtual assistants began with the work immediately.

What was asked for?

The client asked us to create an email ID as a database to serve as a repository of information and content. The virtual assistants were also told to discover the most recognized magazines and newsletters in the fields of Sociology, Psychology, Neuroscience, marketing and health related news and subscribe the email ID to these websites, blogs, magazines and newsletters.

Our role-play:

The virtual assistants swiftly created an email ID that automatically receives subscribed content from aforementioned websites, blogs, magazines, newsletters etc. and gets catalogued for easy future reference. After that, we also subscribed the tailored email ID to those websites. We discovered the most informative and recognized websites in the requested disciplines. The virtual assistants also made a consolidated index for the magazines and newsletters every week based on content topics and relevance for easy reference and access.  Also, the client was provided with additional information on subscription content offered by competitors. Lastly, constant, consolidated and current updates on discipline and subject related news was provided.


With the help of all these research work, the client tailored his coaching content relative to current relevance and gained a significant increase in his users and subscribers in the following weeks.

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