How My Virtual Medical Assistant Put the Care Back in my Healthcare Practice

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How My Virtual Medical Assistant Put the Care Back in my Healthcare Practice


Being a budding child specialist in bustling Los Angeles, Jessica Parker had her priorities set clear – she wanted to dedicate maximum of her work time to her patients and the least to other aspects of running a clinic which included administrative tasks, managing appointments and staff, etc. A year into practice and Jessica discovered that she wasn’t making much money from the clinic – rather she was losing money as she was not only over staffed but also because her staff did not have the skills needed to handle patients.

She decided to try what she had seen her other doctor friends do – Jessica hired a virtual medical assistant at Habiliss. Two years since and she’s been able to expand her clinic network far and wide – she now has two own clinics and is a visiting doctor at three locations. In Jessica’s own words, this is how hiring a virtual medical assistant transformed her medical practice:

#1 My patients, my focus: Giving personal attention to each of my patients is a primary goal for me. Having Hema, my virtual medical assistant (VMA), helps me achieve that goal as she takes over the responsibilities of dealing with insurance service providers for verification of customer credentials, hospital admission charges, cashless billing, etc. Research shows one out of three doctors spends 30% or more of their workday on administrative tasks — I am happy to steer clear of that burden by delegating that to my VMA!

#2 Freedom from payroll burden: My business has a cyclical nature to it – peaks and ebbs are common and having to manage the burden of paying salaries to 6-8 full time employees was turning out to be a nightmare for me. With Hema taking care of all tasks that can be completed virtually, I am able to manage easily with just 2 full time employees at my clinic. She’s taken a big load off my back and helped me cut fixed costs significantly.

#3 Ease of scheduling: As an experienced virtual medical assistant, Hema is a pro at managing appointments – scheduling, getting confirmations from patients, making changes as required, shifting appointments around to prioritize patients who need immediate attention, etc. My long term patients have come to love Hema for her accommodating and understanding nature. Way to go girl!

#4 Medical transcription: Be it a muffled audio file, handwritten notes or referral files on surgeries and other medical procedures with insane handwriting – Hema is well experienced to consult medical terminology guides and websites to decipher the same and produce into text format for easy storage and reference.  She creates discharge summaries, compiles operative reports, and records progress notes, recommendations, and referrals. Without all this information handy, I cannot even imagine how I’d run my clinic!

#5 Follow-up: A critical aspect of running a clinic, follow-up helps doctors maintain a good rapport with patients besides providing tertiary care and identifying symptoms that may have gone undetected at the time of treatment. Being experienced, Hema knows the right follow-up questions to ask patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart conditions, etc.

#6 Administration and Marketing My virtual medical assistant also helps me with social media management, making and uploading podcasts and videos for surgical procedures, and administrative tasks such as email management, account keeping, taxes, and much more.

In short – she’s my extended arm who helps me stay on top of things always. Highly recommend Habiliss’ dedicated virtual assistant services for a profession as demanding as mine!

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  • Bianca

    Interesting! All top professionals need a virtual assistant for sure!

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