What you can delegate to a VA? – Administrative tasks

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What you can delegate to a VA? – Administrative tasks

What you can delegate to a VA? – Administrative tasks

A virtual assistant is someone who assists you remotely to complete tasks. Usually, personally or professionally, we do tend to procrastinate a lot of chores that we do not wish to do. Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we also tend to focus more on administrative jobs. We fail to understand that time gets wasted doing administrative jobs, while we could have actually worked towards the other tasks. Some of the administrative tasks that a virtual assistant can do are:

  1. E-mail management: Managing e-mails is time-consuming tasks, and it basically does not pull in any monetary gains. It stands as an obstacle for you to complete other tasks. So, a virtual assistant can easily perform this task for you, by managing the email account. You can ask to be updated on any important news.
  2. Contact handling: Records of contact information is a must for any business. Collecting and maintaining the same is very difficult. It is a bit time-consuming as well. That is why; you can delegate this task to your virtual assistant.
  3. Invoice: Tracking, receiving and sending your business invoices can be left to a virtual assistant.
  4. Travel: Booking tickets, travel management, hotel booking and so on, can be given to a virtual assistant. They would find the best package for you.
  5. Scheduling: Your virtual assistant can be very useful when it comes to handling of appointments. If you have your calendar synced to the phone, whenever the virtual assistant confirms a meeting, you get the ping instantly.
  6. Project tracking: When it comes to project tracking, administrating the deadlines and operations can be a difficult job, especially for entrepreneurs. You and your virtual assistant can use a shared project platform to receive status updates in real-time.

Apart from these, there are also a lot of administrative tasks that a virtual assistant can perform for you. In the upcoming blogs, we will read more in detail about the other tasks a virtual assistant can assist us with.

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