What you can delegate to a VA? – Creating reports, preparing slideshows & blog management

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What you can delegate to a VA? – Creating reports, preparing slideshows & blog management


Virtual assistants! This is a term that is getting popular these days for a simple reason. Accomplishing life balance is the most sought after goal. Yes, they help you achieve life balance through managing your professional as well as personal tasks. Administrative work, acting as a virtual receptionist, social media management, travel management, and so on are some of the chores a virtual assistant can assist. Today, we will see how they help in accomplishing the following tasks:

  1. Creating reports: Come Monday morning, and you are held up with a piling bunch of sales and other deliverable reports. It completely stops your productivity, and almost gobbles up most of your day. If this is outsourced to a virtual assistant, it becomes easier for you. All of your weekly reports can be easily created and shared by a virtual assistant.
  2. PowerPoint presentations: For some people, PowerPoint presentation might be an important aspect for their work. For instance, professional speakers need to create extremely impressive PowerPoint presentations. Just share the idea and basic requirement with the virtual assistant. They would do the required research on the topic, curate required content, get the right theme, images that reinforce the text, and create a remarkable PowerPoint presentation, that would keep your audience engaged.
  3. Blog management: We need to admit that social media and website are content-driven. When your focus is on the content, you need to devote a lot of time, so that the content woven is engaging. With so many other tasks getting piling up, blog management might not be the top priority for you. But, it is one of the basic strategies to bring in more business. You can delegate this task to your virtual assistant. They would search the web, curate the content, and manage your blog. They can manage and reply for your comments as well. But, whatever passes through will have your consent, which makes sure that it’s your content that is published online.

These are few of the many tasks that a virtual assistant can perform for you. In the upcoming blog post, we will check out few other tasks that a virtual assistant can assist you with.

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