What you can delegate to a VA? – Online research & social media management

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What you can delegate to a VA? – Online research & social media management


Running a business single-handedly means shouldering responsibilities beyond limit. While this might be a great thing to do, you might be actually focusing on something that needs only less of your attention, leaving the core activities behind. What can you do for this? The best and the most feasible option is that you hire a virtual assistant. What will a virtual assistant do? A virtual assistant will assist with your personal as well as professional chores, so that you can achieve a life balance.

You can delegate administrative tasks, ask them to manage emails, or even give them your personal errands to do. Today, we will check out as to how a virtual assistant can assist with online research and social media management.

  1. Online research: If you are an entrepreneur, be it for small-business or medium-sized business, the internet is a great resource that helps to streamline your business. Either to gather crucial information that is required to rationalize the business or even do a simple competitor analysis, internet research is mandatory. In an era, where digital influence overpowers, spending time on the same is not questionable. But, being the business owner, if your focus is on this, what about the other core activities that require your presence? You can think of hiring an in-house person who will do it for you, but what about the additional overhead costs? That is why; opt for a virtual assistant, who will work on this task form a remote location. Yes, the cost is much lesser compared to a hiring a person for the company.
  2. Social media management: Social media branding and marketing is a must for today’s world, with the digital world making its presence everywhere. Having a social media page for your business or service is mandatory. So, what can a virtual assistant do here?
  • Research and draft content: Social media is fully driven by content. Within 140 characters, a brilliantly written tweet can garner more eyeballs. Your virtual assistant can gather content and write about it, and after your approval can post it or schedule to post it later on social media.
  • Monitor and constantly engage audience: Social media must never stay stagnant. Viewership must increase, and people must be glued to posts. Proficient people and celebrities, name it that, everyone are on social media. Barack Obama is on Twitter with a whooping 64.2 million followers. Your virtual assistant can help you manage all this. They can set alerts, feeds to monitor the mention of your brand or name on the internet. There are many services like Google Alerts, Mention.net, and so on to get an email alert. Also, the virtual assistants will pull out unwanted, inactive followers, and keep only the ones those are active.

In the upcoming blog, we will see on the other tasks that a virtual assistant can assist you with.

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